Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happenin's in the White House

We will start by catching you up on some important issues around the White house.

1. Hayden's B-day is in a week and i have no idea what to get him or tell people what to get him. God knows the kid does not need any more toys.

2. Bailey (dog) is so needy. There has yet to be a day with in the last 3 weeks that i can remember her leaving us alone for a little while. She has this wonderful habit of sitting between me and the TV staring at me.

3. The wife has been working on her appellate brief for school. That is one of the most time consuming things that i have ever witnessed. I have more respect for her and Kristin for being able to deal with law school. they do a much better job than i ever would.

4. There is a "clothes thief" that lives with me. This "thief" seems to know how to pull a great heist. They started this a while back before i lived with them, but i thought it was just something to remember me when i left their house. Now i have realized that this is not the case. This person just likes to "borrow" MY clothes. I think this person has a very careful practice of picking these clothes. I can see the "thief" go into the closet and feel all of MY hoodies, and then when the softest one is found it is snatched and worn. The hoodie that is taken is of course my favorite, it also seems to be the case with the other articles of clothes (fleece sweatpants). This is why my theory of how the decision is made (they are all soft). So i am ok with this as long as i know that the thief is living with me. I know that the thief will live with me for a long time to come. So it's not a big deal.

Here is a sketch of the proposed thief.

So i think that is all the happenings in the White house. I'll try to get better about keeping everybody updated on life. So far so good though.

To keep the up with the previous blogs here is something to think about.

Why do they report power outages on TV??


Katelin said...

you are such a delinquent blogger

Katelin said...

dude. its been like a month.